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Our R&D, manufacturing and distribution support teams are located throughout the United States and Italy.

Research, Development and Manufacturing Companies


Florence, Italy

  • Leading research, development and production of differentiating imaging technology

  • Developers of advanced. scalable technology for planning, navigation and surgical robotics

  • Focused on developing high-tech, flexible solutions for healthcare
Fabrica MachinaleScienzia Machinale
  • Award-winning robotic application developers
  • Leading design and manufacturing of high quality automation systems for industrial use

  • Expert software development and programming

Commercial Distribution

Epica Medical Innovations

San Clemente, USA

  • World-wide commercial distribution channel for Imaginalis
  • Experts in advanced robotic CT imaging systems for healthcare and veterinary markets

  • Delivers safer, more efficient diagnostic and treatment solutions

Epica Applied Technologies

San Clemente, USA

  • Global commercial distribution channel for S.M. Scienzia Machinale and Fabrica Machinale

  • Automated robotic solutions for labor-intensive industrial processes to improve
  • Regional support and point of contact for end users